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Modern Luxury,
Hotel Fasano
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
rooms start at    (USD)  236
get $76

Fasano Rio de Janeiro is in Ipanema, an exclusive beachside neighborhood on the southern coast of the Brazilian city. The hotel is a 20-minute drive from Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport and 30 minutes from Santos Dumont Airport, which accommodates domestic flights. It's within walking distance of Copacabana Beach (five minutes), Sugar Loaf Mountain, and the Corcovado (both 15 minutes). Fasano Rio de Janeiro offers airport limousine service.

Rio de Janeiro is the place to be if you're coming to Brazil. Rio features the world's most busiest beaches and some of the most beautiful people. Enjoy Rio in style and stay at some of it's iconic hotels or just relax and enjoy Rio weather.

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Impressive House
in Rio de Janeiro
by Marcia Muller
get $6,000
Impressive House locateding Rio de Janeiro designed by architect Marcia Muller. The house has a great view of the moutains from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Facing the beautiful view of the Botanic Garden, the architect tried to be as organic as possible in the choice of materials.
Impressionante Casa locateding Rio de Janeiro, porjectado pelo arquiteto Marcia Muller. A casa tem uma bela vista das montanhas da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. De frente para a bela vista do Jardim Botanico, o arquiteto tentou ser o mais organico possivel na escolha de materials.
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